Reusable Water Bottles Infographic

October 7th, 2014

Here is a great reusable water bottles infographic we had made at to showcase the environmental impact of disposable water bottles and benefits of reusable water bottles.  Click on image to see the full detail.

reusable water bottles infographic

Reusable Water Bottles Infographic

The Negative Impact of Regular Plastic Bottles

June 16th, 2011

The Negative Impact of Regular Plastic Bottles

Research has shown harmful effects of using regular plastic bottles to the human body and yet a lot of people are seemingly unaware of the said threat.  Billions of disposable plastic bottles are produced across the globe to provide convenience to everyone.  It may be handy and useful at times but let’s ask ourselves, is it all worth it?

Water bottle

recycling water bottle

Here are  3 reasons to avoid drinking out of regular plastic bottles.

1.        BPA, a chemical used in production of plastic bottles has been proven to affect our hormonal system resulting to weight gain that could lead to obesity.  These chemicals muck up the endocrine system.  They alter the number of fat cells our body makes and the amount of fat stored in the cells.

BPA is also one of the main causes of Low Progesterone in women.  Doctors have associated the consumption of materials in plastic in many progesterone related symptoms.

2.        The disposable plastic bottle is an obvious threat to our weakened environment.  It will take a thousand years for these plastics to decompose. Aka the “garbage patch”

3.       You may not realize that the money you spent is wasted along with the empty bottles that are scattered on beaches, streets and landfills.  Save money and help conserve our environment by switching to refillable containers, BPA or chemical free.

Considering the current condition of our environment that is a contributing factor to many human illnesses, it’s time to get our acts together.  We must open our eyes to reality and help save the world in our own little ways.  Don’t you think eliminating the use and production of regular plastic bottle is a good start?

Best and worst water bottles

January 11th, 2011

How much do you know about the bottled water you drink? Not nearly enough, according to a new report released today from Environmental Working Group (EWG). “Bottled water companies try hard to hide information you might find troubling,” says Jane Houlihan, senior vice president of research for the Washington D.C.-based research and advocacy group.

[Read more: Cities with the best (and worst) tap water]

EWG analyzed the labels of 173 unique bottled water products and company websites to determine if companies disclose information on where water comes from, how or if their water is treated, and whether the results of purity testing are revealed. The nonprofit also looked at how effective (and advanced) any water treatment methods are. Researchers followed up by calling dozens of bottled water companies to find out which ones willingly tell consumers what’s in their bottles.

Where is the outrage over water quality?

December 11th, 2010

Where is the outrage over water quality?

Do you know what in your drinking water? Do you know why it matters? It matters because when our drinking water get contaminated our bodies get contaminated.

What good is the nation’s Clean Water Act if polluters have violated it more than half a million times in the last five years alone, if they continue to go unpunished, and if citizens suffer needless harm to themselves and their property?

Concerns over toxins are great enough that Congress and the Environmental Protection Agency regulate more than 100 pollutants through the Clean Water Act and strictly limit 91 chemicals or contaminants in tap water through the Safe Drinking Water Act, reported The New York Times, which recently reviewed water pollution records and came up with a damning report that should be raising alarms from coast to coast. (

Read the rest of the report here:

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November 29th, 2010

3 Easy ways to know how much water to drink everyday

October 4th, 2010

3 Easy ways to know how much water to drink every day.

Drink water is important. Without water dehydration can sneak up quickly.  Plus we lose water every time we take a breath or open our mouth.

How Much Water to Drink Per Day Everyone is different and therefore, individually, people’s need to drink water can vary.

The old school rule of thumb from health professionals recommend that people consume at least (8) 8-ounce cups of water on a daily basis.

Others have suggested that men drink about 13 cups of water per day and women drink around 9 cups for good health. Naturally, the amount of water you drink each day has much to do with your overall level of activity. If you regularly go to the gym, then you’ll need to drink extra water.

Tips #1 What color is your Urine?

If your urine is anything but pale yellow or clear you need more water. We suggest filling up several water bottles one day and take note how much water it takes for your urine to change to a pale yellow color.

Tip #2  Are you thirsty yet?

Even before you become thirsty, you should drink water before, during and after your workout to avoid the symptoms of dehydration. Such symptoms include not only thirst but

  • headache,
  • lethargy
  • backache and muscle weakness.

Sometimes, many of our maladies can be overcome by simply increasing our intake of water. In fact, according the nutritional experts, the hunger pangs you feel upon occasion actually are the body’s way of telling you that you need to drink water.

Tip # 3  set yourself up for success- Find “your” water bottle that works for you.

I had a relative that HATED drinking water. She would sip on coffee all day long.  She would try stainless steel water bottles, bpa free plastic bottles and hated them all.  She even bought her self a new glass drinking water cup but still could only get down 2-3 cups a day.

Then one day she found a glass water bottle. This was her answer, she found “her” bottle and that made all the difference!  It really is important to find the right type of drinking bottle for your lifestyle.

Here is your goal: Try monitoring your water intake closely for the next month. When you drink enough, you’ll look and feel better! .

One way you can keep the momentum going is by purchasing a water bottle that is made so you’re assured that you’re always getting a fresh drink of water. Certain brands, in particular, such as

all make water bottles that are safe to use as they are made of materials that are free of BPA or bisphenol-A and safe, food grade plastic or stainless steel.. Don’t consider using the plastic consumer water bottles, or the PET plastic, that is available for consumer water use. The plastic is not safe for reuse and can play host to a number of disease-causing bacteria. Therefore, make a commitment to finding a way to hydrate that is safe and effective. Choosing the above brands is a good beginning.

How I lost 35pds with Zumba fitness

September 28th, 2010

How I lost 35 pds with Zumba Fitness

I love Zumba! I mean love Zumba. I started this past March 2010 and to date have lost 35 pounds!   After my 2nd child’ birth I could lose any weight, then at the suggestion of a friend I started Zumba, not only for weight loss but for a piece of mind.

March 10. 10 was my first Zumba class, I  weighed 180 and now weigh 145pds. This
Zumba Weight loss was amazing!  On average, I attend class 2-3 times a week ( I am a mom to 2 young kids.) Zumba is amazing. See my pictures below…

So what’s holding you back from Zumba ?

  • Could I dance? not so well….
  • Do I have tight abs? Now I do- but at the beginning I was recovering from having given birth to my second child.
  • Do I have time? Yes and no, time is relative and a choice.  There are 24 hours in a day and I needed the time for myself to exercise!

Give Zumba a try don’t be scared and submit your story to us…we’d love to hear how much you love exercising.

You can find a class here…..

Sharing because we care!~ Melody

Oh. People ask me about my diet, I am dairy free and gluten free but I eat a TON Of dairy free chocolates and desserts.

And I drink lots and lots of water but that goes unsaid!

10 suprising things that our in our trash

September 24th, 2010

1. Bags

2. Beverage Bottles Plastic

3. Beverage Bottles glass

4. Caps/lids

5. Pull tabs

6. 6 pack holder

7. Food wrappers


9. Plastic sheets

10. Cleaner bottles- tampons, cigarettes

International clean up day

5 year old doing her part to clean up the environment

September 21st, 2010

My 5 year old daughter is a Disney Friends for change addict and wanting to participate in reducing trash and saving the earth.

One day a few weeks ago we went out walking in our neighborhood to pick up trash. She decided to wear gloves and got a plastic bag and got busy walking the neighborhood picking up trash.  She attached a vapur water bottle to her belt buckle and used the water bottle the entire time we were picking up trash. Here is some pictures of us with the Vapur water bottles.

We had a great time picking up trash, doing our part to save the environment ( thanks to Disney) and drinking water with the vapur bottle.

picking up trash with a vapur water bottle

Picking up trash doing our part

Vapur Water bottle Review- BPA Free and darn right coolest bottle on the market

August 30th, 2010

Vapur water bottleThe innovate minds that came out with Vapur water bottles deserve an award!  The water bottles are bpa free, made in the usa and that’s just the beginning.  Pros:  The are:

1. Vapur is the foldable and portable
2. Vapur water bottle is reusable designed to go anywhere.
3. Vapur water bottles   can be rolled, folded or flattened when empty – easily fitting into pockets, purses, packs or briefcases.
4. Reusable-Can fill them up at airports, water fountains
5. BPA free water bottles that are dishwasher safe and freezer friendly.

6. Available in pink, blue, purple,

Cons: The only con is that it will leak if you tip the bottle over so be careful!